Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Welcome!  As we are working to get our collection finished, I wanted to post about our tutus.  They are made from quality tulle, ribbons, buttons, flowers, beads, and whatever else we can think of.  The waistbands are elastic.  I am finishing up a few right now-some winter and valentines ones-but I will also do custom tutus.  

Custom Tutus
Tutus can be up to 2 colors.  Each additional color will be $5.00.  
Tutus will include an elastic waistband with ribbon, but if you prefer a different type of waistband, let me know and I will try to accommodate you.
Tutus also include the accent pieces.  This may be flowers, buttons, beads, extra ribbon, or whatever else you might want.  I can do ANYTHING, so if you just give me the idea I will go out and find the piece. Tutus can be long or short like traditional ballet tutus. 
Since I may not have all the supplies I need right when you order, I will need a minimum of 2 weeks to complete custom tutus.  If you need the tutu faster than that you can talk to me.  

If you are interested in a custom tutu, please email Katie at katieb17@gmail.com
Please include-

Your Name
Your Childs Age, height, and waist size
Colors you want the tutu to be
What else you would like on the tutu (flowers, extra ribbons, etc.)
Long or short tutu

Thanks, enjoy!!

Here is one tutu made custom by Katie

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